Black Opal Generators

Black Opal Generators are available exclusively through Adelaide City Caravans.

Having years of Caravanning experience ourselves we know what power caravaners require to power their next Caravanning adventure.

The Black Opal Generator is 100% pure sine wave and has world class technology. Black Opal Generators pride itself on being quiet, efficient and powerful!

Black Opal Generators are South Australian owned and operated and are Capable of powering your whole caravan.

Black Opal Generators will power your domestic Ibis 4 air conditioner (or equivalent) and fridge at the same time. Black Opal will handle any appliance such as coffee machines, kettles, microwaves and laptops. With the pure sine wave technology, it can be trusted with your most sensitive device.

When you’re going off grid take a black opal generator with you. When your batteries are running low the Black Opal Generator can top them up. This Generator has been specially designed for all your caravanning needs.

The Black Opal Generators are compact and light - they will fit inside most tool boxes or generator hatches located on your caravan.

Don't get stuck in Australia's harsh conditions without the power of a Black Opal Generator. The Black Opal Generators are built for Australian conditions. We ship anywhere in Australia.

As its name suggests Black Opal signifies strength, Harmony and a balance of energy.

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